How to Choose

Don’t plan on cutting corners when it comes to improving your kitchen. Since your kitchen is most likely the room in your home where you and your family are the most you want to make it look as nice as possible. Many people have always dreamed about remaking their kitchen but they can never seem to afford it in their budget. But if you create a plan and do a little bit at a time this daunting task can be a work in progress over the course of a few years. This doesn’t mean that your kitchen will be in shambles for years upon end but doing little improvements in short amounts of time helps break up the costs of remodeling the kitchen. Let’s start with the cabinets and drawers and assessing if we need to replace them or maybe just reface them.

Cabinets and drawers provide most of the look for your kitchen. The type of cabinet can change the whole mood and look of a kitchen. A white laminate cupboard will provide a brighter not as expensive look compared to a solid wood or even a stainless steel cupboard which creates the modern, slightly more regal look in the kitchen. As long as you like the general layout of your cabinets and cupboards than you won’t have to replace them completely but just do some refacing; this means refinishing or repainting your existing cupboards and drawers or putting new fronts onto all the surface areas of them.

If you like the current look of your cabinets and there aren’t any large nicks or dents than repainting the surface of your cabinets may be all you need to do to create the new look. If you find some dents in your cabinets than you can find materials to resurface your cabinet which will then allow you to repaint on top of that creating a brand new look.

As you repaint your cabinet you will first have to sand down the current finish or paint that’s on the cabinet. When you have sanded it down you will most likely have to use a paint primer before you put the actually coat of paint on the cabinet. If this is your first time refacing a cabinet you may want to consult with a professional before you make any attempts and create a bigger problem than you started with.

Cabinet refacing can be a great way to improve the look upon your home. Cabinets are built to last a long time which is why they can be so expensive. Which means that your cabinets are problem still in good condition they just may need a little face lift.

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